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General Information

Kennel Club stats
Inaugeral debut: 01/17/09
Contact: Kennelboy
Winner/bank share

06/27: Kikaz 136/476
06/20: Uhriah 150/525
06/06: Scastina 120/420
05/30: Kikaz 90g/315
05/23: Vaulla 80g/280
05/15: Catlore 60g/210
05/02: Krytin 140g/490g
04/25: Diamond 120g/420g
04/18: Sneaky 150g/525g
04/11: Krytin 90g/315g
04/04: Dmmcloud 150g/525g
03/28: Donndeath 150g/525g
03/21: Uriah 132g/462g
03/14: Donndeath 150g/525g
03/07: Krytin 138/455g
02/28: Crist 140g/490g
02/21: Gazoo 96g/336g
02/14: Jaglore 102g/357g
02/07: Uriah 140g/490g
01/31: Prisa 134g/469g
01/24: Donndeath 163g/560g
01/17: Varol 143/572g

LOTTERY winners
Lottery winners:

06/27/09: Chizeled 100g
06/27/09: Erlaura 100g
05/31/09: Tigerlore 290g
04/18/09: Crist 139g
03/28/09: Sneakypete 360g
01/27/09: Tredorn 401g
01/03/09: Donndeath 182g
12/27/08: Canttouchthi 199g
08/09/08: McMane 169g

Current pot: 67g.
Last updated: 06.28.09


Breaking guild news UPDATE

July 17, 2009 -- With much thought and soul searching, we decided to dissolve BDLT to take a much needed R&R. Guild Lores n More is accepting friends from BLDT. We love you all and thank you for your loyalty and friendship.

Dissolution: July 18, 2009.

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This web site will remain active for an unspecified amount of time.


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5/11/2009 9:57 AM EST
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I'd like to know if/when we'll be getting a guild vent??
7/12/2009 7:15 AM EST
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Rewards program for BDLT members.
6/19/2008 1:44 AM
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General discussion forum for both Big Dogs Little Tricks members and visitors.
2/5/2009 5:33 PM EST
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Classic and fun WoW videos!
6/9/2009 6:08 PM EST

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